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Made for the Web

Fantastic Mapper runs in your browser, using html5. No downloads required. No flash. No dependence on one operating system or another. And because of that, it's trivial to hook it up to your Obsidian Portal account, or use to keep track of your campaign between Roll20 sessions.

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Award Winning Cartography

The art is all created by Jonathan Roberts, ENnie winning cartographer, and the illustrator of the Lands of Ice and Fire - the maps of Game of Thrones.

Island map

Simple and Powerful

The tool is designed to let you build beautiful maps without a manual. Once you get into the tool, you can add rich text details, including links to campaign wikis, Roll20 sessions, or rules references. The maps are built to help you navigate your imaginary worlds, wherever they are detailed across the web.

Why build a web mapper?

There are great tools for playing games online. There are great tools for tracking the events of your campaign between sessions. But there's no good way to easily make an online map, and certainly no way that you and your players can share and reference that map between games.

So I built one.

The core features of the mapper are: varied terrain, lots of location icons, html notes (with off-site linking), fog-of-war, regions, borders, web sharing, poster export.

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How complete is it?

A fully featured web mapper is a fair amount of work. The tool is currently a well-advanced alpha, with testers regularly testing new features, building maps, and submitting bug reports. You can already map a world, add linked locations and text, and save that map as a poster or share the map across the web (as long as they are also testers).

If you want to help as a tester, sign up here. Once you're add you as a tester set, you'll receive an email with instructions.

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How can I use the maps?

The art is all for personal use only at this stage. If you're interested in other uses, or in commercial use, send me an email.

If you just want to use these for your gaming group, go for it, even in the alpha test. As this gets closer to production, I'll tighten up the licensing (output maps will very likely fall under one of the creative commons licenses.

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How much is it?

Currently the tool is free (during testing). This will not be the case once it becomes a production tool. There will be some form of payment model, but it's still under discussion right now.

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